PST Manitoba Tax Rate Conversion to 8 Percent July 1 2013

The links below will provide instructions for specific cash registers on changing taxes.
Some of the links are copies from the GST conversions of 2006 and 2008. The methods are the same for both taxes. The differences are which tax is being changed and the new tax rate to change it to.
Disclaimer: MicroTech Service Systems and/or Terry Haslen can not be held responsible for any uncollected, incorrectly collected or unremitted taxes.

This link displays the notification mailed by the PST office to inform business of the specifics of the tax change.
Information Notice.... 2013 Budget- Retail Sales Tax Changes

Click on a picture or text link below to view the rate convertion instructions for the model of cash register pictured or listed.
All documents are in PDF format...

NCC R4 Reflections on Sam4s SPT-4500

NCC R4 Reflections on Sam4s SPT-3000

NCC R4 Reflections on Toshiba ST-A10

NCC R4 Reflections on TEC FS-3700

ER-380M ER-390M

ER-5200M Series

ER-320 ER-650


Casio 204SR

Casio 208SR

Casio CE-2108

Casio CE-3115

Casio CE-3415

Casio CE-4600

Casio PCR T-2000

Casio TK-1200

Casio TK-1300

JCM Gold CR-2150

JCM Gold CR-2200

JCM Gold CR-3800 and CR-3815

Sanyo ECR-115

Sanyo ECR-325 ECR-330 ECR-335

Sharp ER-2381 ER-2391

Sharp ER-2385 ER-2395

Sharp ER-2385s ER-2395s

Sharp ER-3100

Sharp ER-3110

Sharp ER-3220

Sharp ER-3241

Sharp ER-3300 Series

Sharp ER-3550

Sharp ER-4230

Sharp ER-A310 ER-A320 ER-A330

Sharp ER-A430

Sharp ER-A570

Sharp UP-600

TEC FS-3600

TEC MA-134 MA-136 MA-191

TEC MA-206 MA-216

TEC MA-1100

TEC MA-1400 FDS-30

TEC MA-1450 MA-1650
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