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Raymaster Pro 100
Your bartenders handle customer service, sales and cash receipts.
Shouldn't you think of them as partners?
The Raymaster Pro 100 Liquor Portion Control System

Choose your partners wisely!

RayMaster Pro 100
The total brand ID liquor dispenser

Sales, inventory and promos are registered automatically
Liquor represents a great deal of profit potential in yur bar if you can keep your cost down and all the revenues in the right hands. We like to think of bartenders as parteners. Aren't they the ones entrusted to handle customer service, sales and to some extent cash deposits. Be wise and choose your partners well!
The RayMaster Pro 100 may become your most trusted and reliable partner, working for you 24 hours a day keeping track of sales, inventory and promos as product is served. The only thing it won't do for you is count the money.

How does it work?
Flow control spouts are sealed on each bottle. The special patented barcode label on each spout identifies the name and the bottle number. Liquor cannot be served unless the spout is inserted in the scanner ring.
Once the bottle is identified, liquor is allowed to pour for the selected preset portion and the sale is registered immediately. Liquor is dispensed accurately eliminating the need for your bartenders to use a measuring glass, thus increasing speed when multiple shots are required. Sales and inventory reports can be printed on a serial or an office printer.

How much?
Not enough to justify working without it. Your new RayMaster will increase you profits the day it is put in place!
It will be paid for before you know it leaving you with extra profits that wouldn't be there without it.

Custom made lavels and liquor system setup
(Brand ID or price category) Up to 100 brands per station
Four programmable portion sizes per brand
Three different price levels
Sales & inventory reports on serial or office printer
(Coming soon, the ability to interface with several brands of cash registers and P.O.S systems
Some of the benefits

Your customers are served constant portions with the ability to see their drinks poured.

Your bartenders will have increased speed thus increased tips.

Your bar yields maximum profits and cash reconciliation becomes easy.

Your liquor inventory information is updated daily.

Liquor cost is kept to a minimum.

Raymasters Patented Cork System The Raymasters Ring Activated Pour
Raymasters Front Panel

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