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Take this Tablet to the Table and the order goes to the kitchen as soon as your customer decides what they want!

Click for brochure on Hisense Tablet from Sam4s

Click for brochure on The SPT-4846 Touchscreen Terminal running NCC Reflections Hospitality Software from Sam4s

Sam4s "ER" Series Cash Registers
ER-265 ER-285m ER-920

Sam4s "SPS" Series Cash Registers

SPS-320 SPS-530

SPS-2000 Table Service Brochure
SPS-2000 Bar and Grill Brochure
SPS-2000 Quick Service Brochure
SPS-2000 Retail and Scanning Brochure

Sam4s "Tabby" Mobile Platform Touchscreen Point of Sale

Sam4s Tabby

Sam4s "SPT-NCC" Feature Rich Touchscreen Terminal

Hospitality ____________________ Retail

Night Club ____________________ Pizza

Grocery ____________________ Table Service
Sold, Installed, Supported and Serviced by MicroTech Service Systems


Retired Sam4s Cash Register Models

For more information please contact:

MicroTech Service Systems
Unit 'B' 840 - 6th St.
Brandon, MB. R7A 3P6
PH: (204) 727-5093
Fax: (204) 728-3199

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